Embargo – Short Summary

When Eva is paid a visit by a mysterious stranger, she begins to doubt that her life of seclusion has been spent alone. Wandering through her mind reveals no answers, and she has no clues to justify any speculation.

It’s only when she misses the last train out of the city, on which she would’ve traveled to see her dying father, that she realises something is keeping her in the city. And with the inconvenient investigation into what everyone are calling ‘The Nightmen’, it appears as though much larger forces are at work to destroy the illusion of peace the people of The Hub have enjoyed for so long.

Eva will be dragged into a quest far outside the realm of her own comfort. She will unknowingly be forced to participate in the events unfolding through the city, and it’s only with the help of a computer hacker named Finn that she will be able to bring an armistice to The Hub, and reach her father to say goodbye. With Finn’s assistance from the shadows of the interconnected Geneva Grid, an A.I designed to ‘profile’ a human’s personality,  she will have the access & support required to complete her tasks, and uncover secrets that could send the entire world into disarray.