Extract One: The Man in the Shadows

Society never changes. The fundamental principles that support human interaction always remain the same. Rich & poor, strong & weak, good & evil will all exist forever; each resonating in-tune with the other. The human race will continue to conquer what it can; any opposing force standing in the way of their ascension to complete order & control.

Unfortunately, ‘they’ are neither weak, nor man.


Eva was stood in Frank’s coffee shop. As she waited for his attention, glancing behind her she noticed that the door into the building had been left open, and the cold air had caused the whole place to steam up. A man wearing a sharp, pinstriped suit entered and closed it behind him. It was unusual for someone to be down in the lower wards wearing such upper class clothing. Eva figured he was just passing through and resumed her position at the counter.

Frank finally appeared from behind a cloudy door, greeted Eva, and started to make her ‘usual’. A cinnamon latte, two sugars. Eva placed her finger on the scanner to pay, when her hand was pushed aside. At the same time as hearing the words, “I insist” a long, pale finger extended from her right side, and touched the scanner. The words were cold, emotionless, and sent a shiver down her spine. The device made a quick beep, and Frank bid Eva farewell. She turned around to thank the stranger; there was no-one. Grabbing her coffee she rushed outside, but the streets were empty. The only thing that lingered was a growing sense of dread in Eva’s stomach.