The Envelope

As a crack illuminates far away and the walls stand undisturbed, Kul begins to stir. He opened his eyes circumspectly to the smell of saturated earth; moist & viscous. Trepidation quickly consumed his growing consciousness as his vision struggled to adjust to the tenebrosity of what seemed to be his prison; a somewhat submissible assumption to make, reinforced by the uncomfortable arrangement his body had with the floor.

Kul rose to his feet, promptly realising that there were only three walls to his ‘prison’; he was at the end, or beginning of a corridor. As he peered, he noticed a weak glow deeper into the indecipherable blackness, like a star at the edge of existence. After assuring himself the only option was to progress forward, he began to walk with guarded patience; a paranoid perception convincing him that all eyes were upon him.

The glow was becoming larger; Kul had watched it extend into a vertical line, confusing yet elegant. Crumbling dirt loosened from the wall shattered the silence in Kul’s head as it tumbled to the ground; he began to hum faintly to reduce the likelihood of any further surprises. With his ears partially stimulated, the darkness became deeper as he became more aware of his vision. He was contemplating what could be lurking in the shadows when something blasted from the wall and clamped around his bicep; his muscles pushing against the force as they contracted in shock. His body shook violently as he fell to the ground, trying to release whatever was holding onto him; terror replaced his cautiousness as he flailed his arms in wild distress. He thrust his feet into the brittle arm supporting the clamp; accuracy was not as important as the raw power dispersed into the mechanism. Adrenaline had finally reached his legs and he began to run, stumbling to his feet. He had been freed from the clutches of his attacker, which retreated back into the abyss, but he continued to hasten towards the extending light. He wanted to hide, but was unavoidably unprotected. Eventually his urgency wore off and his legs began to slow, the end was in sight; he was almost free. The light was now clearly visible, and he could see that two horizontal lines were connected by the vertical; it was a door.

Kul approached the ambiguous stone slab with unclear emotions. He felt accomplished, but remained vigilant as he cautiously put his hands upon the callus surface. There was a carving of a bearded man, with arbitrating, leering eyes in the center. Kul’s vision met with them as he slowly pushed on the door; the hinges grinding as the dirt crumbled overhead. The light was now more intense than Kul’s eyes were able to bear, and he used his arm to gradually expose himself to the source. He stepped into the room, which appeared as though it was constructed of pure light. Turning to view the door, he saw it close and dissipate into the white backdrop, merging with the brilliant white boundaries. A grey figure fizzed into view.

“Greetings, master Kul”.