The Myth of Equality

Equality is a myth; and unobtainable haven of acceptance, free-speech, and love.

Example: If the homosexual community is free to express themsleves, the Christian church should have the same freedom, and be allowed to deny gay marriage. This is equality. Forcing the church to accept your sexuality even if it goes against their beliefs is not equality, it’s oppressive and tyranical.

It has taken me a long time to adress the subject of equality, and to figure out what it means to me, and I strongly believe it will be an extremely long time before we’re anywhere near it. We are still primitive animals, driven by instinct & habit, covered in a veil of consumerism, social protocol, and a false sense of purpose & individuality. I believe most of the population progresses their life through a series of emotional descisions, not logical ones. Being a logical person, not driven purely by emotion, I find it fascinating when I’m presented with an angry attitude towards a descision I make. At the peak of the conversation, I’ll ask something like, “Why are you angry?”. The response is always more anger projection, instead of any real argument or point. Until we’re able to operate on a more logical level collectively, I don’t think we should be trying to push the notion of equality, because the majority won’t even truly know what it means, and they won’t be able to express their actual opinion beyond mindless frustration and the opinions fed to them by whichever bandwagon they are on at the time.