Edward Was Nippy

As Edward departed, from the warmth into the crystallised abyss, he considered turning back. No, he had come too far to give up now. The radiant security of home was gone, and his journey was beginning.

Edward reached for the key, his hand shaking, locking up. The bitterness was upon him, consuming him. It glimmered as he pierced a mechanism, twisting it viciously. He breached the seal, and entered. After sparing a few moments to rest, he stabbed & lunged the key into another slot, still twisting without remorse or regret. This time the creature stirred with pain; it was dying. It creaked, moaned, and spat various gasses & fluids. Edward remained calm as he stomped on the beast, causing it to roar into life. It was moving. He rode the beast through the icy landscape, sliding occasionally due to the momentum. As he fought to keep the creature under control, he thought of home. He remembered the feeling of his wife next him, and his children’s smiles. This was a life long forgotten; it was time to forget. It was time to embrace what was to come.

Edward swung from side to side, maintaining an optimistic control. The creature jerked violently as they cascaded down a hill with less than enough friction to remain on-course. Edward gave one final effort as he pulled the beast tightly to the right, attempting to tame it. They came to a full stop. Edward climbed out, back into the void. Crippling pain pulsated through him, his eyes were bloodshot, and he heart was racing.

“Morning, Edward. You got here safe then?”

“Of course, it’s just a little bit of snow.”