Wyatt Valdus (Concept)

I will tell you now, at this point, before we begin the adventure. What you’re about to read is not fiction, because it has become very real in the mind of the creator. There need not be a visual representation to accompany this text, as the words alone will provide an intense experience, from which you may not recover. There will be sorrow, anguish, pain and a large wedge of imagination. Your sanity may crumble and your legs may not hold. So sit down, read the story, and prepare to travel into the mind of ‘Wyatt Valdus’.
If I told you that the wind tickled the exterior of the Wyatt’s place of residence, you would begin to feel the chill of an early morning across your body, correct? It’s an amazing thing to be able to listen to a piece of music or to read words on a page, then to allow yourself to experience an emotion or feeling based on the format of the notes or text. Wyatt is unable to experience this phemonenon, as his imagination sought to erradicate his very existence with false life and endless shadow.
The rare evenings where he would close his eyes and allow himself to drift into the abyss we call sleep, are the evenings where he is haunted by an alternate world. A world that he has created, based on everything that he has seen, felt, heard and smelled in his life up until now. Wyatt did not ask for this world to be created, and it is not something he can wish away. The nights are tough on Wyatt, that’s why I exist. To try and make things microscopically bearable for him.
I am what you might call his, well, there doesn’t appear to be a name for what
I am. Just think of me as the narrator of this journey and let’s leave it at that, for now.